James Charles is reflecting on his past behaviour and apologizing for his comments about Ariana Grande.

The YouTube star, 22, chatted with fans during an Instagram Q&A and addressed the comments, which included Charles calling the singer the “rudest celebrity.”

Back in 2018, in a Youtube video, Charles attacked Grande for following him on Instagram and then unfollowing him shortly afterward.

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“I was like, ‘Hey, did I do something wrong?’ And she literally was like, ‘Hey babe, I saw a lot of angry tweets from my fans and I would never want to disappoint them, so I unfollowed,'” he recalled at the time. “You have a hundred million fans, it’s really disappointing that you would, like, stoop to the level of listening to people bullying me, just to, like, appease them, but okay.’ I’ve always looked up to Ariana and I think she’s one of the most talented vocalists of our generation, but it just really sucked that I was literally getting bullied by her fans and instead of just ignoring it and building a friendship she literally just listened to them and unfollowed, which is just saying that’s okay to do.”

He added, “That was a disappointing interaction.”

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But during his recent Q&A, James was asked, “What did Ariana Grande do for you to say she’s the rudest celebrity you have ever met?”

He responded, “Literally nothing. The fact that I said that is one of my biggest regrets of my career and it still follows me four years later which sucks. I plan on talking about it more in-depth when I film my review of REM, all I can hope is that people listen with an open mind.”

Charles has been embroiled in a series of controversies, earlier this year, he admitted that he sent flirtatious messages to underage boys who he thought were over 18 at the time.