“Ted Lasso” fan favourite Brett Goldstein is proving he’s a “real boy” once and for all after absurd rumours suggestion he’s actually a CGI creation.

The actor, who plays foul-mouthed footballer-turned-coach Roy Kent, joined Jimmy Kimmel to discuss his Emmy nomination and his journey from the writers’ room to the screen.

“I was a writer and we were five episodes into writing it and I started to think, ‘I think I’m Roy,'” he explains. But I also thought no one around this table thinks I’m Roy because I’m soft-spoken and I love The Muppets.” But he says when they finished writing the show, he filmed himself doing five scenes as Roy and it was an almost instant “Yes”.

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The move paid off with Goldstein landing an Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Actor In A Comedy Series. But, now there is just that rumour about not being real to contend with.

“When I found out that I was CGI, it’s quite disconcerting,” he tells Kimmel. “Because I’ve seen a lot of sci-fi films, and I started to be like, ‘Maybe I am?’ Cause they’d implant memories to make me think I wasn’t, right?”

Luckily for Goldstein, Kimmel had a plan to prove he’s real – he just need to drink a glass of chocolate milk because everyone know robots can’t drink a glass of milk.

Goldstein passes the milk test, declaring “I’m a real boy!”

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