Milo Ventimiglia is used to being in the spotlight but admits the attention from his viral short shorts photos earlier this year made him a “little uncomfortable.”

The “Gilmore Girls” alum was first photographed in April leaving the gym in shorts that left little to the imagination. The photos spread like wildfire around social media, only to be furthered by a second pair of shorts.

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Ventimiglia looked back at the moment while speaking with E! News’ “Daily Pop”.

“Yeah, those short shorts, they only come out at the gym,” he said.

But he couldn’t get over the attention the shorts drew.

“The wild part was the follow up that had happened because of that. Literally, I’m just a guy leaving the gym and then to talk to The New York Times about short shorts and GQ is asking me questions about it, kind of proclaim it’s short short summer. It’s like holy God, this is insane. This is crazy,” he continued.

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While Ventimiglia wasn’t completely on board with the attention, he was a good sport about the ordeal.

Adding, “It was a little uncomfortable for me, the attention, but at the same time I’m glad it inspired a lot of people.”

Fans can catch Ventimiglia during Sunday’s Emmy Awards where “This Is Us” is up in multiple catergories, but safe to assume he will be in pants.