Kim Kardashian paid a visit to a recent edition of Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime talk show, and she had no problem correcting the host’s mistaken assumption about one of her children’s taste in jewelry.

During a discussion of Kardashian’s four children, whom she shares with estranged husband Kanye West, DeGeneres showed viewers a photo of the reality star’s 2-year-old son, Psalm, sporting a thick gold chain.

“Psalm was the one wearing the giant chain around his neck,” DeGeneres told viewers, adding, “He wears this fake giant chain…”

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“Wait, did you say fake?” Kardashian interjected. “It’s not!”

DeGeneres was shocked, assuming the outrageously huge bling was costume jewelry.

“Oh my God, it’s huge! How can he keep his head up?” DeGeneres quipped. “It looks like it’s a wrestler’s belt or something. I just assumed because it’s so huge, that’s hilarious.”

Replied Kardashian: “Yeah, no.”

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