Bill Maher has a bone to pick with The Met Gala and its mask policy.

On Friday night’s episode of “Real Time”, the host and political commentator took issue with photos he saw of maskless celebrities on the red carpet being attended to by masked assistants and event staff.

“I’ve seen, having been to a few parties since the pandemic began, and that is, the people going to the parties don’t wear masks,” Maher said. “But the servers wear masks.”

“There’s something about this that’s not liberal to me,” he added. “These are the liberal swells of the world. But if we’re all vaccinated, do the germs know who the good people are?! It seems a little wrong.”

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Maher discussed the topic with his panel of guests which included author Dan Savage. Savage agreed that the optics looked “a little security-theater-y.” But Savage countered that any amount of mask-wearing reduces the risk of transmitting COVID-19.

Maher, however, brought the conversation back to who was wearing the masks. “But, ‘let’s just make the help wear the mask’? That’s the liberal approach?” he asked.

All guests at the 2021 Met Gala had to show proof of vaccination and were required to wear masks once indoors. The red carpet photos were taken outside on the steps leading into the Gala. Some photos taken by celebrities inside the event showed guests not wearing masks.

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Maher also criticized Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her dress that was emblazoned with the message, “Tax the Rich.”

“They pay taxes,” Maher said, noting that New York City’s richest 65,000 resident 51% of all city taxes in 2020. “It’s not like we don’t tax the rich at all.”

Maher then transitioned the conversation into a comic bit about what other messages celebrities might want to print on their Met Gala outfits. Watch, below.