The internet is in a frenzy as an old video of Idris Elba praising the “James Bond” film “GoldenEye” back in 1995 has surfaced.

The video in question, which is from 26 years ago, has a camera crew interview filmgoers after the first screening of “GoldenEye”Which at the time was the first Bond film to feature Pierce Brosnan. Turns out that one of the filmgoers just so happens to be a young Elba.

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Around 25 seconds in the clip below, Elba can be spotted at the film alongside a friend. When asked about his thoughts on the movie and Brosnan’s performance, Elba had high praise. Stating, “He’s really good. He’s got all the charm. He’s got all the looks. And he’s fit and strong and blah, blah, blah. He’s all right.”

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Now back when this was shot, Elba had only just begun his acting career and hadn’t cracked into the American industry just yet. But the crazy thing about all of this is that Elba’s name has since come up multiple times as a fan favourite to be the next James Bond. So much so that even Brosan himself has said Elba would be “magnificent” at the role.

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Considering, Daniel Craig’s final performance as the spy will be in “No Time To Die”, which is set for release on Sept. 30, many fans see this as a sign that Elba was destined to play the role. Even Elba’s mother is convinced he’ll be the next 007.

Whether or not this is all just one big coincidence or some major manifesting on Elba’s part, it certainly feels like the stars are aligning for the next 007.