“The White Lotus” won’t be an Emmy contender until next year’s ceremony, but star and future frontrunner Jennifer Coolidge was on hand to present during Sunday’s 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards. And on the red carpet, she reacted to news that the show’s second season will feature an entirely new cast.

“I hope not,” Coolidge told ET’s Nischelle Turner. “I have heard that. But you know what? You never know! And even so, imagine what Mike White can write the second time around. So, I’ll watch it, even if I’m not in it.”

The actress is equally hopeful about another would-be project, the long-awaited “Legally Blonde” threequel. Elle Woods herself, Reese Witherspoon, recently told ET that Mindy Kaling is “working hard” on the script, which was itself news to Coolidge.

“I was hoping tonight somebody could fill me in, because I haven’t heard anything,” she said. “Every week, I get like a little text or something going, ‘It’s happening’ or whatever and then I don’t hear anything again. Reese has a lot going on, but I hope it happens.”

The one project Coolidge can talk about — since she’s already finished filming it — is the rom-com “Shotgun Wedding”. Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel star as a couple whose destination wedding is taken hostage, with Coolidge cast as the mother of Duhamel’s groom-to-be.

“It was very hot. They’re very hot. They’re a really good combination, and I had some really good times there,” she said of shooting the movie in the Dominican Republic. And though she was loathe to spoil any of the fun to come, she did tease of “Shotgun Wedding”: “Parts of it are really scary.”


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