With 20 Emmy nominations under their belt, Ted Lasso scores its first win with star Hannah Waddingham. The actress took home the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

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Waddingham won for her role as Rebecca Welton, and even beat out her co-star and pal Juno Temple. But there’s no bad blood as the two share a strong embrace before Welton took the stage, and she even thanked her in her speech. Jokingly saying “Juno Temple, I swear to god, if I could break off one of her arms and give it to you”.

Starting her speech off with a very relatable scream of joy. Waddingham thank several people including her co-star and show creator, Jason Sudeikis. “Jason, you changed my life with this… I’m so privileged to work with you!”

The actress ended her speech by shouting out West End performers, claiming they should be on screen more. Emphasizing the importance of employing theatre actors who spend much of the pandemic out of work.

We love a humble, caregiving, Emmy award-winning actress!