Fran Drescher has an interesting story to tell regarding Princess Diana.

The actress spoke to David Yontef for his “Behind The Velvet Rope” podcast, saying of making the late royal laugh: “I did. That’s true. I’ll never forget that. And it’s really carved into my memory. I was a big fan of the Princess and I was very grateful that I got to meet her and I did make her laugh. It was at the CFDA Awards.

“At the time we were both on Mr. Blackwell’s list and for those that don’t know, Mr. Blackwell is, he was a columnist, a little bitchy and gossipy, and he wrote a lot about fashion and he had the best dressed and the worst dressed list that came out annually.

“Right around that time, she was on the best dressed. And I was on the worst dressed. And she didn’t have any awareness of it. But when I got to the podium to make my speech, I embellished the conversation. And I said that she told me that, she corrected me, I said, ‘we’re both on Mr. Blackwell’s list.’ She said ‘the Prince has said that she’s on the Best Dressed and I’m on the Worst Dressed’ and I said, ‘yes, but you have Princess Margaret on your list and I have Demi and Madonna on mine. You’re on the wrong list Princess.’

“And I ‘snapped a Z’ and the audience went nuts and she was laughing so hard in the front row. I’ll never forget it. You know, I think she was very joyful on that trip. She was thinking about moving to New York and I wish she had.”

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Drescher also said how she’s pally with Madonna, sharing: “Madonna and I are neighbours in New York,” adding that the pair have mutual friends.

“So not only did we live in the same building, but we ended up at some dinner parties together and things like that. And you know, I’ve always loved her music, her concerts, the things she cares about… her dancing [etc].

“I think she’s a lot of fun, very talented. She’s really nice. And I admire that, you know, she’s always danced to the beat of her own drum. Even like with adopting kids and not worrying how it’s going to impact her life or her career or anything like that. She once said to me, you know, don’t wait, whatever you want to do, just do it. And don’t, you know, like procrastinate because you [become] so absorbed in the ‘what ifs, what ifs.’ Don’t think that way, just dive into life, do what you want to do and whatever it is, you’ll deal with it.”

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Drescher then commented on Kim Kardashian being linked to “The Nanny” role in terms of an upcoming reboot.

She insisted, “Well, you know, Kim Kardashian doesn’t have a funny voice. And I think the character has to have a funny voice. I am a fan of Kim’s. I think she comes across as a lovely woman and a smart business woman. I have nothing against Kim, but I don’t see her in the role. There are people I think out there [for the role] and if we haven’t found them yet, we will.”