Gwyneth Paltrow joked about her and her ex Brad Pitt’s matching haircuts in a new Instagram video.

The beauty guru was joined by her assistant Kevin Keating to promote the launch of her latest hair product, with the pair looking back on some of Paltrow’s iconic, but questionable, ‘dos.

Paltrow wrote in the caption, “If I ever try to pull off a ’90s crimp again, please stop me.”

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Keating pulled up a pic of Paltrow and Pitt’s “matching haircuts.” The pair, who dated from 1994 to 1997, were engaged at one point and both rocked identical short golden looks in the snap.

Keating described the ‘do as “blonde all the way to the roots on that one, and the end. Very blonde,” before asking: “Did you go to the same stylist for the colours?”

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Paltrow shared, “We went to the same stylist for the cut. Chris McMillan cut both of our hair like this.”

She insisted they didn’t plan to have matching looks, and replied “sexually?” when asked if it was “like being with a twin.”

Keating tried to get Paltrow to call Pitt to talk about the look, but she, unsurprisingly, declined.

Keating joked, “He’s on my Grindr account though, let me get him that way.”