Kevin Bacon is airing Kyra Sedgwick’s clean laundry on Instagram. 

The actor shared a photo of his wife’s bejewelled underwear on top of a washing machine Sunday.

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The blue lace thong was embellished with “I [heart] KB” spelled out in crystals.

“Sometimes doing laundry can be fun and full of surprises,” joked the “Footloose” star in his caption.

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“Thanks for airing my dirty laundry,” Sedgwick wrote underneath the post, to which Bacon replied with a heart.

Fans of the couple joined in on the joke in the comments.

“I ❤️ Kathy Bates as well,” joked one person.

“😂😂sassy pants,” added another.

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Bacon and Sedgwick first met on the set of the PBS version of Lanford Wilson’s play, “Lemon Sky”.

The couple are parents to son Travis, 32, and daughter Sosie, 29.