Sexuality is topic that is often seen as taboo, but Gwyneth Paltrow is placing sex front and centre of her latest Goop series for Netflix.

In her followup to 2020’s “The Goop Lab”, Paltrow is returning to the streamer with “Sex, Love & Goop”, a new series that takes a look at sexuality through the vantage point of her Goop lifestyle site.

“We’re having sex,” declares Paltrow in a new teaser for the series. “It’s a show about sex. We’re gonna talk about sex.”

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“Sex, Love & Goop” will follow several couples as they seek the advice of experts for guidance on how to improve their relationships through sex and intimacy.

As Paltrow elaborates in the teaser, “‘Sex, Love & Goop’ explores what it means to be truly intimate in a relationship: to express your deepest fears and desires and to accept those of your partners.”

The series’ goal, she added, was to serve as “a continuation of Goop’s mission to help our audience pursue the ineffable power of their own potential.”

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“Sex, Love & Goop” will make its debut on Thursday, Oct. 21.