Meghan Trainor is learning to love her body all over again.

Trainor, 27, and her husband Daryl Sabara, 29, welcomed their son, Riley, in February. In a new interview with People, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter opens up about post-pregnancy challenges.

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“I’m covered in scars and stretch marks in new places I didn’t know stretch marks could be,” Trainor tells the publication for its new cover story. “There’s things that aren’t going to go away ever, and I have to learn to love that.”

Parenthood also took a toll on the celebrity couple’s love life, but the pair’s still going strong.

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“The spark didn’t leave, but the spark has struggled,” Trainor says of their intimacy post-pregnancy. “I started to feel unsexy immediately.” What helped was making intimacy “a surprise – it’s not scheduled – and that really brought back our spark.”

Trainor and Sabara met at a house party in 2014 in Los Angeles and started dating in July 2016. They got engaged on Dec. 22, 2017 and got married one year later on Trainor’s 25th birthday.