Cardi B is off to try another new experience and this time she is bringing Indya Moor along for the ride.

The rapper and “Pose” star spent the day with James Beard Award nominated chefs Jaime Martin Del Campo and Ramiro Arvizo at their restaurant La Casita Mexicana.

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“I really want to learn how to be an amazing Hispanic cook,” Cardi said at the top of the “Cardi Tries” episode, saying she wants to cook like her relatives.

“I know we get to make food but do we get to eat today,” Moore questioned.

The chefs assisted the stars through a number of dishes including the national dish of the Dominican Republic, Mangú, which is made with plantains and butter. They also tried their hands a Peruvian ceviche and pupusas (a flatbread) from El Salvador.

“You see? I was not meant to be domestic,” Cardi joked as her long nails got in the way.

But after the pupusas, Cardi declared it “easy” to make.

“You know, I like easy s**t,” Cardi added. “This is easy to make. I would love to do this at home. I could do this at home.”

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Cardi and Moore ended their food tour by cooking the traditional Mexican dish chiles en nogada for special guests Angelica Maria and Andres Zuno.

“I’ve never seen this dish, and when I was cooking I was a little bit scared because I’m like, I don’t mix sweet with beef, and it’s very delicious and I did it, and I like my own food,” Cardi told everyone. “Chiles en nogada really makes me want to go and really explore the real Mexico. I’ve been to Tulum, I’ve been to Cancun, but I feel like I haven’t been in, in Mexico, like in with the people.”

Moore was also “inspired,” adding, “I definitely want to learn more about what our dishes are and what other dishes come out of Mexican culture.”