The story of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is outright Shakespearian.

Speaking to The Guardian about her U.K. stage debut as Lady Macbeth, Saoirse Ronan revealed that she and co-star James McArdle took inspiration from Kardashian and West for their characters.

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“We keep thinking about Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as like a Kim and Kanye situation, where there have been stages to their success and real kind of highs and lows,” she explained.

She described Kim and Kanye as a “couple that is professional but also has tenderness,” adding, “There is so much of their private life that we don’t know.”

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Saoirse also described other ways she and McArdle worked to bring the classic Shakespeare characters to life, including referring to them as Susan and Neil Macbeth, “because this is a domestic tragedy about a couple”.

The actress went on, “The tragedy is that these two people who are soul mates and peers and very much partners in every way… when that starts to come apart, what we would hope is that, when people come to see it, that is when the sadness seeps in.”