Steve Martin and Martin Short are legends of late-night, but sometimes things go wrong.

On Wednesday, the stars of “Only Murders in the Building” appeared on “The Tonight Show” and took a stroll through memory lane, looking back on some of their mishaps on the show.

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In a hilarious sketch, they reenacted fake episodes of the show in which they played a multi-day game of chess, and another where they guessed each other’s temperatures.

“That was our show’s least watched video of all time,” Fallon said.

“Didn’t YouTube take it down out of pity?” Martin joked.

It wasn’t all fake games, though, as Fallon had Martin and Short play a real game of Password with fellow guest Margaret Qualley.

Trying to get Martin to guess the word “vacuum,” Short attempted to imitate using the device, but all his teammate could think up was “lawn mower.”

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Finally, in the their interview, Martin and Short remembered Norm Macdonald, who passed away recently.

“There was no one funnier,” Short said. “Brilliant Canadian.”

Martin added, “In our show, we do a tribute to comedians … And we do a tribute to Norm Macdonald, and we use one of his lines … ‘There’s only two categories of cliff diving: grand champion, and stuff on a rock.'”

“I think in comedy particularly, the originals stand out the most,” Short said, “and they stay with us long after they’re gone. And there was no one more original more original than Norm Macdonald.”