Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King have some advice for Destiny’s Child in the third and final episode of Oprah Daily’s “OG Chronicles: Joy Ride”.

Winfrey and King’s multi-stop adventure continues throughout Santa Barbara in the clip, with the pair answering more questions from readers.

King can’t believe it when Winfrey says, “We have a question from three friends whose names you might recognize. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams,” with the journalist replying: “We do not have a letter from Beyoncé!”

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The Destiny’s Child trio asks, “Soon, the three of us will all be in our 40s. What advice do you have for three friends who want to maintain their connection and bond while always juggling and adjusting to the different stages of their lives?”

The duo point out that they’ve never lived in the same city but they just make their friendship happen.

Winfrey and King also accept an invitation from Destiny’s Child to go glamping, admitting they definitely wouldn’t have to be catching their own fish or starting any fires.

“I don’t want to poop in a hole,” King insists, adding: “Girls, back to you! Ball’s in your court!”

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Winfrey and King then admit that while they weren’t exactly jealous, they did each often long to be considered a “pretty girl” when they were younger.

“I’d go ‘wow, I wonder what that would be like, to be considered a pretty girl,'” Winfrey says.

“That was another way we bonded,” King responds. “We’re not the prettiest girls in the class, but we’re smart and nice! We have lots of personality!”

The pair also settles a debate between the two longtime friends: Is Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson or Vin Diesel dreamier?