Martha Stewart is great at giving advice.

On Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show” on Thursday, the host took things out on the sidewalk for a special outdoor edition of the show, with Stewart joining her to read a fan letter and offer some advice.

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“Dear Martha, I love that you are such a huge collector and curator of all things amazing. One of my favourite curations of yours is your Instagram page full of pictures, especially your Thirst Trap photos,” the letter read. “Any advice on taking pictures like yours? Jasmine, Morgantown, West Virginia.”

In 2020, the 80-year-old lifestyle guru shared a viral photo of herself in the pool at her Hamptons home.

“Well Jasmine, first of all if you want to do a really good thirst trap just make sure you look good. You have to look good and feel good and be in the moment,” Stewart told the letter writer. “And that one famous one, the one I took in my pool I had no idea what a thirst trap was when I was taking that picture. I was actually trying to take a picture of the beautiful planted pot that is at the end of my pool and I must have hit the reverse button on my camera and there I am in that picture and I said, ‘Boy, you look really good.’ And I snapped it and that was that.”

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Barrymore added, “I think that is a very important letter that we got because what you said is such great advice to people for their social media is you have to be in the moment, like don’t fake it.”

“Yes, none of my pictures are fake,” Stewart agreed. “And never post an ugly picture or unfortunate picture of any of your friends either. Always post nice pictures of your friends then they’ll post nice pictures of you. So you always look good and nobody knows that sometimes you can look bad.”

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