The “Bridesmaids” cast has reunited.

Ten years after the beloved comedy hit big screens, stars Kristen Wiig, Rose Byrne, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper and Annie Mumolo joined forces via Zoom to promote the importance of the I Am a Voter organization and its Register a Friend Day on Thursday.

I Am a Voter, a U.S.-based nonpartisan movement, encourages people to register to vote for upcoming election cycles.

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McCarthy shared the four-minute video on her Instagram page, captioning the clip, “After 10 years of friendship, I reunited with my ‘Bridesmaids’ family to share our goals for the year ahead, including things we will and won’t be washing!!”

In the clip, the cast shared their goals for 2022. Starting with Mumolo, she plans to get a mammogram procedure as well as “a really tight perm,” while Rudolph revealed she will renew her passport to be able to travel to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Tucson, Arizona, specifically.

Wiig hopes to finally try dry shampoo in 2022, while Bryne says she’s committing to stop washing her hair or body altogether, admitting, “I’m just gonna roll the dice.”

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Kemper says she’ll be putting her name down for “a bunch of lists for catalogues, brochures and coupons so I can get more mail.”

When McCarthy offered her plans, Wilson Phillips, who made a cameo in the film, joined the call telling the “Bridesmaids” cast not to “hold on for one more day” and register themselves and help their friends in time for the next upcoming election.

McCarthy added, “Friends don’t let friends skip elections.”