Brooke Shields is detailing her traumatic accident.

Back in January, the actress, 56, suffered a serious femur injury while balancing on a balance board. After snapping her femur, Shields needed surgery and doctors put in two rods and 14 screws between her hip and her knee.

During Thursday’s appearance on “Rachael Ray Show”, Shields detailed her recovery, revealing it was a scary time for her.

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“Seeing the tragedy [up close] and hearing the stories — and [my injury] not being associated with that — there was this guilt, too, because I didn’t have COVID and I felt so terrible for the people who lost loved ones,” she told the host.

The injury not only frightened her but her children as well. Shields shares daughters Rowan, 18, and Grier, 15, with husband Chris Henchy.

“My daughter asked me if I was going to die,” she told Ray, tearing up.

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“I was trying to keep everything into perspective. It was the worst injury I ever had, but I was still counting my blessings that I was able to be taken care of,” she continued.

Shields is still on the mend and is doing therapy every day.

“You’d be so surprised how powerful your body is and how much it wants to heal,” she says.