Jimmy Kimmel has been making the rounds promoting “Once Upon a Time in Queens”, the docuseries he executive produced about the 1986 New York Mets, and his latest stop is the YouTube talk show “Hot Ones”.

As fans of “Hot Ones” are aware, the premise involves celebrities being interviewed while they consume an increasingly spicy assortment of hot wings, which typically culminates in profuse sweating and involuntary tears being shed.

Kimmel, a fan of hot wings for real, comports himself admirably until just after the 17-minute mark when he chomps into a chicken wing seasoned with a hot sauce dubbed Da Bomb: Beyond Insanity, boasting a Scoville rating of 135,600.

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“This is the one that’s like the prank, right,” quips Kimmel before taking his first bite. “Oh yeah,” he says while beginning to cough. “My nose is starting to run. And when the sauce gets hot, I’m gonna warn you, I get the hiccups.”

As predicted, plenty of hiccuping follows as the wings become progressively spicy.

Kimmel’s entire appearance can be viewed in the video above.