Tallulah Willis is sharing their struggles with acne, and a recent breakthrough that’s left their skin clearer than ever.

On Wednesday, the child of ex-spouses Bruce Willis and Demi Moore took to Instagram to open up about the progress she’s been making.

“We have *ascended* to peak alien dewy supple goals,” they wrote in the post, featuring an array of before-and-after photos of the face of the self-described “artsy handed chronic picker.”

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They also detailed the “divine symphony” of products they’ve been using to help clear up thei complexion.

WIllis also wrote that they’ve been making an effort to not pick at their face, writing, “NOT TOUCHIN MY PRECIOUS DELICATE FACHE W GRUBBY NAILS IN 4 – COUNT EM’ – 4 MONTHS 🙃🙃🙃.”

They added, “I don’t think I’ve ever used this many emojis, or felt so motivated to brag – but I am truly forkin proud !!!” Tallulah wrote, joking, “S/O to my handlebar ‘stache of scab that occurred 2 days before a [Good Morning America] appearance and a Vogue shoot – what a ride it has truly been!”

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They concluded by admitting they’re “most likely going to sabotage all this progress, but until then I am going to marinate in an attitude of gratitude.”