Throwing a first pitch comes with a lot of pressure.

On Thursday’s “The Tonight Show”, Jimmy Fallon did a segment about getting to throw the first pitch at a Yankees game, and he got legendary baseball star Mariano Rivera to coach him.

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“I know how this works,” Fallon explains in the segment. “If it’s bad, it lives forever.”

“You should be nervous,” Rivera tells him before starting to help the late-night host out.

The first few pitches don’t go so well for Fallon, bad after getting a few pointers, he’s finally able to get a few good ones in and feel confident about the big game.

Before leaving, though, Fallon offers to take a few swings against pithes from the pro using a whiffle ball.

“Don’t be easy on me,” the host says.

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Amazingly, Falling manages to hit one of the pitches and beings shouting, “I just got a hit pff Mariano Rivera! Yankee Stadium, here I come!”

Finally, for the actual first pitch, Fallon throws it a little high, but as he pointed out, “It wasn’t the dirt,” adding to Rivera, “You saved me, buddy.”