Kate Hudson is still in the early planning stages on her wedding.

On Thursday, the 42-year-old actress appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” with fellow guest Octavia Spencer, and was asked about her recent engagement to Danny Fujikawa.

“Kate, why decide to get engaged now? And are you going to have a big wedding or something small?” host Andy Cohen asked.

“Well, I didn’t decide, I was asked,” Hudson began, laughing, “And I decided to say ‘yes.'”

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On the subject of the wedding’s size, the actress said, “And I’m really excited and I think, you know, I think, I don’t know yet. I haven’t really wrapped my head around the planning process of it, but I think I’m just gonna invite the people that I love the most and I have a feeling that it might end up being kind of big.”

Also on the show, Hudson was asked to comment on her friend Matthew McConaughey’s potential plans to run for Governor of Texas.

“I don’t know any of this,” Hudson admitted. “I wish I knew what you were talking about. I mean, I heard a little bit that there’s governor talk or something, but I have no idea, I haven’t talked to him about any of it.”

She added, “Any time I talk to Matthew, it’s about the kids, and what’s going on, but never about political ambitions. But I feel like Matthew would probably be a very good leader in that capacity, because he cares so deeply about everything. He’s very passionate about the things he cares about.”

Hudson also joked that if he did win, “I’d be a little concerned, but mostly excited.”

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The subject of McConaughey’s potential run came up again later, and Hudson said, “This has been all I’ve been thinking about this whole interview, and I think it could be really interesting.”