The country world might have its next big star.

In a new clip from “The Voice”, 17-year-old Carson Peters took the stage for a performance of Don Williams’ classic “Tulsa Time” in the Blind Auditions round.

Within 30 seconds of hearing the young singer’s voice, John Legend turns his chair around to get a look.

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Blake Shelton turns around next, followed by Ariana Grande. Close to the end, Kelly Clarkson turned hers around, making it four-for-four.

The coaches all make their pitches, with Legend praising Peters, telling him, “I love that lower part of your voice at the beginning of the song but when you started to hit those big notes with such confidence, it looked like you were just having fun up there. Do you perform a lot?”

After Peters reveals that he plays the fiddle, Legends tells him, “I’m a very fiddle-friendly coach. There are no country singers on my team and you know that Blake already has some country singers. I want you to have a clear, open lane. I took a country singer to the Lives.”

Grande, meanwhile, says, “I appreciate your talent so much. I heard some runs in there that really excited me and the whole performance was so enjoyable. I have no one on my team that is a country artist, and I am well aware that is not what you are choosing, so let me just say, ‘You are amazing.’”

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Finally, Blake makes his pitch to Peters.

“What I caution you with the other three, they can say, ‘Man, you’re bluegrass and country. I like that, too.’ Or you can understand that there is popular bluegrass music and then there’s what you hear on country radio,” Shelton says. “I am thinking if Ricky Skaggs is your man, you want to rewind time back 30 years. There’s a lot of paths we can take. What we’ve got to figure out is which one best represents who you are. Let’s not mess around with what this opportunity is for you. Let’s do this right, Carson, come on!”

Viewers will have to tune into the next episode of “The Voice”, though, to see which coach Peters actually chooses.