Ed Sheeran looked back at his rise to fame and early days on “The Graham Norton Show.

“It happened so gradually,” Sheeran said of slowly playing larger and larger venues.

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Adding that once he got to a larger crowd he stepped out on stage and thought, “I don’t know if I’m ready for this”

Norton then shared a sweet picture of Sheeran at 15-years-old performing only to a toddler.

“That is what it was like for many years,” he joked, expressing how surprised he was when he got paid for one show.

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Seeing as Daniel Craig was also on the show to promote the new “James Bond” film, Sheeran was asked if he would ever compose a Bond theme.

“There was some talk but it moved in a different direction. I’d always be up for it, and I have loads of ideas,” he exclaimed.

During his appearance, Sheeran also performed his new single “Shivers”.