Cardi B had an unusual approach when it came to meeting wild animals on her Messenger series “Cardi Tries”.

The rapper was joined by Chloe Bailey for a trip to the Wildlife Learning Center.

Filmed while Cardi was pregnant with her second child, they met a pregnant porcupine expecting her fourth child.

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“Oh so you a nasty freaky girl,” Cardi said.

She then joked, “I feel like a little bit connection with the porcupine when she was eating because I be hungry. And I understand the hunger.”

Cardi was very hesitant to work with any of the animals, encouraging Chloe to be hands on.

They then took on a tortoise who was in need of a bath.

“Why can’t I take a bath myself I’m hot?” Cardi asked as she lifted her shirt, flashing her bra.

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Cardi questioned Dr. Evan Antin about the sex life of a tortoise.

“One of my favourite things about tortoises, they’re really vocal during copulation,” he told Cardi and Chloe. “The males especially. So when the males are having sex and they mount a female, they get behind a female.”

“Oh I’ve seen it! They be like aggahh,” Cardi responded.

On “Cardi Tries”, she has attempted a number of new experiences including cooking Latin American food, rhythmic gymnastics and preschool teaching.