“The Sopranos” could have looked a lot different if Ray Liotta had taken the part that creator David Chase “once talked” to him about.

Liotta, who will be a part in “The Many Saint Of Newark”, spoke to The Guardian about not turning down the part of Tony Soprano but a different part.

“David once talked to me about playing Ralphie. But never Tony,” Liotta said.

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He then explained why he didn’t want to take part.

“I didn’t want to do another mafia thing, and I was shooting Hannibal. It just didn’t feel right at the time,” he continued. At that point, Liotta had already starred in “Goodfellas”.

Liotta added that he was happy with one iconic movie, but lucked out also having “Field Of Dreams” to his name, saying, “If you got one movie that people remember, that’s great. If you got two, that’s fantastic.”

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This time around, Liotta said he was “determined” to be a part of the project. “I’m really not sure what made me so determined,” he said. “But I was and luckily it all worked out.”

“The Many Saints Of Newark” debuts in theatres and HBO Max on Oct. 1.