David Letterman is having a laugh during the Brooklyn Nets’ media day on Monday.

During the virtual event, the late-night icon called in to chat with Nets superstar Kevin Durant while posing as “Dave from Basketball Digest”.

In the short clips, Letterman spoofs the dry sports news conferences and asks Durant some bizarre questions, like “KD, why do people call you KD?” and “Can I call you KD?”

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Durant answered simply too, “My first name is Kevin, with a K. And my last name is Durant, with a D.”

Next “Dave” wondered what percentage he plans on giving on the court this year. “90? 95? 100? 110?” he said. “What are we looking at?”

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“110,” Durant replied.

Before almost getting cut off by Durant, Dave managed to sneak in one more question.

“What about the Pelicans? When you guys play the Pelicans does it kind of make you giggle?” he asked as Durant, who was hiding a little smile, said, “Yeah.”