The next James Bond has yet to be announced and some people, mainly Hugh Jackman, are suggesting that the “Wolverine” actor could fill Daniel Craig’s shoes.

Craig was on the British show “Lorraine” where Lorriane Kelly asked Craig about who will be cast as Bond, mentioning Jackman’s name.

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“He’s not going to be it,” Craig joked. “Over my dead body.”

“Well … that kills that rumour! Daniel, mate, you will always be @007 to me. #notimetodie. I’m IN,” Jackman captioned the clip on Instagram.

Before Craig landed the part of Bond, Jackman was named as a potential 007.

“I got a call from my agent saying, ‘There is some possible interest in you for Bond, are you interested?'” Jackman said in 2011 to the British Press Association as per EW. “At the time I wasn’t. I was about to shoot ‘X-Men 2’ and ‘Wolverine’ had become this thing in my life and I didn’t want to be doing two such iconic characters at once.”

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He then added, “I mean, who wouldn’t want to play James Bond? I’ve always wanted to be 007. He’s the only British superhero. I think every male at some point thinks about playing James Bond so it was not right then, but it may be right if it comes back.”

A number of other names have been suggested to succeed Craig including Idris Elba, Rege-Jean Page, Tom Hardy, James Norton, Henry Golding and Sam Heughan.