Ellie Goulding is letting fans in on the less glamourous parts of being a musician.

The “Love Me Like You Do” singer stopped by “Never Mind The Buzzcocks” where she looked back at having a stomach bug while performing at Coachella.

“The last time I played Coachella, I had a stomach bug. I thought that something could happen downstairs,” she detailed according to the Daily Mail.

Yungblud, Tom Grennan and panellist Jamali Maddix were also on the show as they discussed on stage accidents.

Taking her turn to share, Goulding recalled, “It wasn’t really an accident – it could have been an accident.”

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Maddix asked her, “You thought you were going to s**t yourself?”

Nodding, Goulding continued, “There was talk about me wearing an adult [nappy].”

But host Greg Davies’ researchers were ahead of Goulding and he claimed she had to have a “s**t trapdoor” built into her pants.

“I was wearing leather shorts – look it’s not going to go anywhere,” Goulding said. “It’s not going to soak up in the leather – it’s just going to come out. So it just so happened to be the design included a zip all the way around so I could just run off and just…”

“So you did have a poo trap door?” Davies once again asked.

“Fine, I had a poo trap door,” Goulding replied.

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“It just so happened a band, I think it was Kings of Leon, I can’t remember – they had a cat litter which they used to pee in with other humans,” Goulding added.

Davies questioned Goulding if she used the cat litter to which she just laughed and smiled.