It sounds like Jennifer Aniston is looking for love.

This week, the star of “The Morning Show” sat down with SiriusXM’s Bruce Bozzi and revealed that she may finally be ready to have another relationship.

Asked if she is currently dating anyone, Aniston said, “No, not at the time. No, I’m not. I feel like I’m getting there. Hasn’t been time.”

She also said that the pandemic has thrown a wrench into any possible attempts at a dating life.

“It’s COVID. Although people seem to have met and found love during COVID. I don’t know how it works,” the actress said. “I’m curious to walk up to those people and go. ‘So what, how did, what happened?’”

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Aniston continued, “There’s been no one of importance has hit my radar yet. But I think it’s time. I think I’m ready to share myself with another. I didn’t want to for a long time, and I loved really being my own woman, without being a part of a couple, where I’ve been a part of a couple since I was 20. So there was something really nice about taking the time.”

She then joked, “Why, do you have someone you want to set me up with?”

Talking about how dating has changed over time, Aniston said, “There it is, chemistry, and you see each other from across the room. People don’t come up to people anymore, people don’t do that. It’s, it’s, it’s a weird, it’s weird.”

Asked what she is looking for in a partner, the actress said that their kiss is important, but “also the ease at which the conversation flows the first time. That’s kind of a good indicator, confidence, but not a cockiness. Humour, please I beg of you, beg of you. Generous, kind to people, you know, it’s just very few necessities.”

Also on the show, Aniston shared how she took inspiration for her “Morning Show” character Alex Levy from TV icon Diane Sawyer.

“I had dinner at Diane’s. Which was memorable,” she said. “I will never forget. So many little isms, Alex-isms are taken from Ms. Sawyer.”

Revealing some of Sawyer’s routine, Aniston recalled, “There was definitely a coffee and a red bull moment in the mornings. There was the working out like basically half asleep. Diane would actually run down Fifth Avenue to get to work. Cause when else are you going to work out? So she would run down Fifth Avenue into Times Square of course, followed by her driver who was like, ‘don’t, please don’t’, but yet cheering her on ‘Go, go Diane go Diane.’”

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Talking about the big “Friends” reunion special, Aniston shared her feelings about diving back into the world of the sitcom that made her a star.

“Oh gosh. It was really great. It was romantic. We really romanticized it in a way,” she said. “And then doing it. It was a big ouch in a weird way… we ended at a time where yes, we were saying goodbye to 10 years of this family, but we also had everything ahead of us. And it was exciting. And so much has happened since then. A lot, you know. The world has changed. We all went through things personally that were hard, wonderful, you know, difficult changes, unexpected this and that. And the world changed.”