Naomie Harris is revealing who she believes should be the next star to play James Bond. 

The “No Time To Die” actress weighed in on the debate while appearing on ITV’s “Lorraine” show on Tuesday, Sept. 28. 

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Backing Tom Hardy to become the next 007, she said, “I think what he does is so special and technically difficult.”

Harris admitted that she has “never worked with Tom before,” but she firmly believes he’d be the perfect replacement for Daniel Craig. 

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“He would make a great Bond but they always pick someone we don’t expect and is up and coming,” she added. “I reckon it will be someone totally unexpected and their name isn’t even in the  mix. But I do think Tom would be amazing and if I could pick I would choose Tom.”

“Bridgerton” star Regé-Jean Page is another frontrunner to take on the role following Craig’s 15-year run as Bond. 

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While addressing the rumours in a recent interview with Variety, Page said, “I spend a lot of time at the moment talking about what other people are saying about me, as opposed to anything I’m actually doing.”

Adding, “I can’t talk about the ‘B-word’ [Bond], because I’ve got nothing to say on the ‘B-word’… I can’t talk about which jobs I’m not doing, because I’m not doing them, [but] I’m very happy with the work I am doing. I’ve been a huge fan of the types of movies that the MCU has been putting out, that have made it possible to do the kind of work I’m doing now, both directly and indirectly.”