The “Dear Evan Hansen” team get a pass to ask each other anything.

Following the movie adaptation of the coming-of-age musical teen musical Dear Evan Hansen, the film’s team caught up with IMDb for a video titled, “‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Stars and Director Ask Each Other Anything”.

Stars Ben Platt and Amandla Stenberg sat down with director Stephen Chbosky to ask each other anything and everything their hearts desired.

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“What do you remember most about filming the movie?” was a question posed to the actors.

“Seeing Ben perform ‘You Will Be Found’ in front of an audience of actual teenagers who are also diehard fans,” Stenberg told Platt. “There’s no other context in which I could have seen you perform that in that way, so I felt like I had this really special treat.”

Stenberg subsequently asked, “What are the parts of the film that you empathize or relate to the most?”

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“I certainly relate to his — you know — in a blanket way, his anxiety is something I have always dealt with,” Platt replied. “I tend to live very much in my head and overanalyze conversations and curse things that I’ve already done that can’t take back…

“Or worry about things that I’m going to do and whether I should and I feel like he is very much stuck in that way and so that’s kind of why I’m so in love with him and why I have so much empathy for him.”

“Dear Evan Hansen” premiered Sept. 24 through Universal Pictures following a Sept. 9 premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.