William Shatner is trekking across genres with his latest album, Bill.

Shatner describes his new spoken word album as “autobiographical album” in a new interview with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe. The legendary “Star Trek” actor hopes the album serves as a time capsule of the Canadian entertainer.

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“This album, Bill, and hopefully the next album, is an expression of events that happened in my life that I think are communicable,” Shatner shared. “It’s the kind of thing I would want to tell my children and grandchildren. They have their lives and grandpa or daddy, what they haven’t seen, I don’t think, is the insight into what I’m writing about.”

“And so this in a way is a legacy to my kids and my family, and it’s also a letter to you and my audience, the people who might hear this, of aspects of my life that may shed some light on their life. …Because they’re electronic and they’ll be there after I die,” he continued. “Somebody might play that and say, wow, that applies to what I’m thinking even now.”

Shatner, 90, touched on the intersect between acting and music.

“As an actor, if you’re really paying attention, if you’re really doing the job and not telephoning it in, which I never have, but some people, you can see that, the character, if you’re playing it,” he explained. “Well, you’re always playing a character. The character you’re playing says words that, as we said earlier, have a different meaning for everybody.

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“If you’re really listening, you can pretty much gather that person who is saying hello, what their attitude is towards the person they’re saying hello to, if you really listen. And therefore, doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists and policemen are looking for that non-verbal character color, and a good actor tries to do that with the lyrics.”

Bill dropped on Sept. 24.