Jake Gyllenhaal needs a moment.

On Tuesday night, the star of “The Guilty” appeared on “The Tonight Show”, but he seemed a little down, so host Jimmy Fallon asked him what was wrong.

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“It’s kinda of been a tough week,” the actor said. “Had to cut my dog’s balls off.”

“You, yourself,” Fallon asked, to which Gyllenhaal joked, “I would have liked to, probably.”

As he went on to explain, while he wasn’t in favour of neutering his dog, he was advised to due to health concerns for the pup.

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Thankfully, his vet suggested a solution to give the dog back some dignity with the insertion of “neuticle,” which are silicone testicles for neutered pets.

“Anyway, long story short he has neuticles,” Gyllenhaal said, adding that his beloved dog is now happy and healthy.