Lorde has goals that reach beyond music.

Lorde, 24, released her third studio album Solar Power on Aug. 20. The “Stoned at the Nail Salon” singer did not release a CD version of her album, a demonstration of her commitment to combating climate change.

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“The fight to keep carbon dioxide below a certain level in our atmosphere, to keep our planet livable, is going to be the fight that defines my life,” she tells Variety for the publication’s “Power of Women” special. “[I hope it will] make other people think differently about the act of buying something [and] the act of disposing of something.”

The New Zealand-born artist also touches on criticisms of her latest album, which divided critics.

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“Oh, the sound is so light,” she says, mimicking critics. “Yes, it’s light intentionally… I begrudge no one what they want from me, but as someone who’s done both, lightness is way harder to achieve than darkness.”