Earlier this year, Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus stunned fans when he revealed he was battling cancer, but now he’s sharing the good news that doctors have given him a clean bill of health.

On Wednesday, the bassist and singer revealed that he had just met with his oncologist, “and I’m cancer free!!” he wrote in a celebratory tweet.

“Thank you God and universe and friends and family and everyone who sent support and kindness and love,” continued Hoppus, who previously revealed he was undergoing chemotherapy.

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“Still have to get scanned every six months and it’ll take me until the end of the year to get back to normal but today is an amazing day and I feel so blessed,” Hoppus wrote, referencing the phrase that Twitch video-game streamers use to rack up a win by adding, “Can I get a W in the chat?”

Back in July, Hoppus shared details of his diagnosis in a video he released on YouTube.

“My classification is diffuse large B-cell lymphoma Stage 4-A, which means, as I understand it, it’s entered four different parts of my body,” he said.

“I don’t know how exactly they determine the four-part of it, but it’s entered enough parts of my body that I’m Stage 4, which I think is the highest that it goes. So, I’m Stage 4-A,” he explained.

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Interestingly enough, he added, his mother — a three-time cancer survivor — had once been diagnosed with “the exact form of cancer. And she beat it, so I’ve been able to talk to her and bond with her quite a bit.”