Chrissy Teigen is not here for trolls in her comments, especially on the anniversary of her miscarriage.

The model seemingly told comedian Heather McDonald to “f**k off” after the former “Chelsea Lately” star deemed Teigen a “hypocrite” in a recent Instagram post.

McDonald publicly commented on a photo of Teigen on Tuesday, which happened to be the same day of the anniversary of her unborn son Jack’s death, called her out for the “humble brag”.

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“I really think you guys are too conditioned to seeing perfect photos all day because so many of my comments on any given photo are ‘why would she post this’ or ‘I love you girl but this is not flattering’, to which I say, who cares?” the Cravings author captioned an imperfect photo of herself. “A lot of the time, makeup artists and hairstylists will ask if photos are good enough to post and my reply is always the same: I honestly don’t care. post whatever. I dunno. I just don’t care about curating my Instagram to be perfection. I’m a mess.”

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In her response, McDonald wrote, “These humble brags of ‘this is an unfiltered picture so say whatever mean thing you want so people will actually write me nice things since I still actually look great’ is so 3 years ago, Chrissy. I’m just having one of those days where I had to point out the #hypocrite on IG. I can’t be the only one that can see through this BS. Prayers for Chrissy that she comes up with some new ideas. 🙏”

But Teigen seemingly called out McDonald for the comment, taking to her Instagram story to indirectly call her out.

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“I didn’t sleep at all last night, as John can attest. I was up sick, sobbing, as my phone popped up the memory of being in the hospital exactly one year ago, losing our baby,” she wrote. “So maybe I’m a little sensitive today but f–k off.”

In a second slide, she added, “Why people follow people they hate us (is) beyond me.”

McDonald has not responded.