These days, Hannah Waddingham is best known for her Emmy-winning role as Richmond AFC team owner Rebecca Welton on “Ted Lasso”.

A few years back, however, Waddingham made a multi-episode appearance on “Game of Thrones” as Septa Unella, who accompanied a naked Cersei Lannister on a humiliating walk of atonement through King’s Landing while ringing a big bell and chanting “Shame! Shame!”

During a visit to “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, host Kelly Clarkson asked Waddingham if she kept the bell as a memento, and indeed she had.

“Yes,” said Waddingham, pointing out that receiving the bell was also the death knell for her character.

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“Well that’s also when you know that your character’s really dead,” she explained. “When you give you the hero thing of your character, they’re like, ‘Thank you very much, goodbye.’”

Looking back at her experiences on both “GoT” and “Ted Lasso”, Waddingham admitted she’s been fortunate to appear in two very different shows that each left a mark on pop culture.

“I feel like I’ve been very lucky that these huge shows have just gone, ‘Come in and do this,’” she said.