Courteney Cox is doing a little moonlighting when she’s not in front of the camera.

The former “Friends” star is currently filming her upcoming Starz series “Shining Vale” on the Warner Bros. lot in Los Angeles, the same studio facility where she and her co-stars shot all those seasons of “Friends”.

Cox, however, isn’t killing time hanging out in her trailer between scenes, she’s picking up a few extra jobs.

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In a hilarious video she shared on Instagram, Cox is seen poking her head into a door asking when her next scene is. Told she has an hour, she declares, “I gotta do my other shift.”

She’s then seen working behind the counter of the studio gift shop while Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” plays in the background.

Next, Cox is working at the guard booth at the studio gate, checking IDs and waving people in, before she then winds up at the Central Perk coffee shop on the studio lot, bringing coffee to surprised customers.