B.J. Novak paid a virtual visit to Thursday’s edition of “Watch What Happens Live”, where host Andy Cohen quizzed him about some of his co-stars from “The Office”.

After weighing in on whether Steve Carell or John Krasinski had the “most impressive beard,” and whether Mindy Kaling or Rashida Jones would be “most likely to drop her phone in a toilet,” he was asked about two veteran actors who appeared on the show.

Cohen wanted to know whether it was James Spader — who played Dunder Mifflin manager Robert California for one season — or Kathy Bates — who appeared in a guest-starring arc as Sabre CEO Jo Bennett, the company’s new owner — who had the most “intimidating aura.”

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Novak didn’t have to think at all before answering. “That has to be James Spader,” he said, laughing. “That is definitely a vibe that makes you sexually and spiritually insecure in the most impressive way.”

For the record, Novak dubbed Carell’s facial hair to be more impressive than Krasinski’s, thought Rainn Wilson would probably misuse emojis more than Creed Bratton, decided Jenna Fischer was more likely to be catfished than Angela Kinsey, and pointed out that both Jones and Kaling are “Ivy League educated geniuses” who are “not gonna drop anything anywhere.”

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