More juicy details are emerging from Katie Couric’s upcoming memoir, and the latest anecdote involves her rivalry with journalist Diane Sawyer.

Citing an advance copy of Couric’s forthcoming book Going There, the New York Post reports that Couric doesn’t hold back in describing the intensely competitive relationship while she hosted NBC’s “Today” and Sawyer anchored “Good Morning America” on ABC.

According to the book, Couric and Sawyer were constantly trying to out-scoop each other, with Couric once saying of her rival, “That woman must be stopped.”

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As Couric writes, one of her “Today” colleagues memorialized that quote by having it embroidered on a cushion, which was given to Couric as a gift.

Couric also admitted that she was delighted whenever she’d hear gossip that something she’d done had irked Sawyer.

“I loved that I was getting under Diane’s skin,” Couric writes, explaining she viewed Sawyer as everything that she wasn’t: tall and blonde with a voice “full of money.”

In addition, Couric is critical of Sawyer’s interview style, singling out her sit-down with Whitney Houston as particularly manipulative.

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“There was a very fine line between a revealing interview and the exploitation of troubled, often traumatized people in service of tawdry tidbits and sensational sound bites (e.g., Diane bearing down on an agitated Whitney Houston about eating disorders and drug use, which yielded the memorable comeback ‘crack is whack’),” Couric writes.

Going There is set to be released on Oct. 26.

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