As Daniel Craig basks in ecstatic reviews for his fifth and final turn as 007 in “No Time to Die”, he recalled how the success of his first James Bond film, “Casino Royale”, led to a whole other experience when making the second.

As Craig explained in an interview with “The Empire Film Podcast”, as reported by The Playlist, he felt the weight and expectations of playing 007 far more severely while filming “Quantum of Solace” than he did making his first Bond pic.

“I would sort of yearn [for] the person I was when I did ‘Casino’. Too much knowledge sometimes is not a good thing. I was sort of in the dark about a lot of things, about how things worked, the mechanics of it, how the world really viewed Bond — all of those things. I just didn’t understand them,” he said.

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“Then I started to understand them, the weight of it sort of bore down. The trouble with [‘Quantum of Solace’], it was a bit of a s**t-show, to say the least, the full weight of it was there I kind of think that made me probably lock up,” he continued.

“Thankfully, for me, it’s been about loosening it and loosening it and trying to get back to that feeling of ‘Casino’, which was. ‘It’s James Bond, come on, enjoy yourself. Let’s have a good time.’”

In fact, Craig admitted his fondest memories of his Bond experience come from that first film.

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“I remember [shooting ‘Casino Royale‘] with massive fondness,” he said. “And all this other s**t was going on around it, which was meaningless at the time because I knew we had a good film, I knew ‘Casino’ was good. You kind of go, ‘Wait and see, it’s going to be great, don’t worry.'”

“No Time to Die” is in theatres now.