Following news of her split from Elon Musk, Grimes made headlines on the weekend when she was photographed casually leaning against a fence while deeply engrossed in a copy of Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto.

News outlets such as Page Six quickly jumped on the photos, pointing out that the ex-girlfriend of the world’s richest person, with whom she shares a son, was reading history’s most famous anti-capitalist tome.

Following publication of the pics, Grimes took to social media to explain the whole thing was a joke to prank the paparazzi as they stalked while she was on her way to a Los Angeles photo shoot.

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As a result, she explained via Twitter, she came up with an idea that would generate the headlines that would be at home in satirical news site The Onion.

Grimes elaborated in a post she shared on Instagram. “I was really stressed when paparazzi wouldn’t stop following me this wk but then I realized it was opportunity to troll .. i swear this headline omg wtf haha im dead,” she wrote.

“Full disclosure I’m still living with e and I am not a communist (although there are some very smart ideas in this book -but personally I’m more interested in a radical decentralized ubi that I think could potentially be achieved thru crypto and gaming but I haven’t ironed that idea out enough yet to explain it. Regardless my opinions on politics are difficult to describe because the political systems that inspire me the most have not yet been implemented),” she continued, confirming she and Musk are still living together after he revealed they were “semi-separated.”

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“Anyway if paparazzi keep chasing me perhaps I will try to think of more ways to meme – suggestions welcome!” she concluded.