Billie Eilish is having her say on Texas’s restrictive new abortion law. 

The singer addressed the controversial matter while taking to the stage at the Austin City Limits concert this weekend. 

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Taking a break between songs, she began, “I’m sick and tired of old men. Shut the f*** up about our bodies.”

Eilish admitted that she originally considered backing out of the Austin show, however, she ultimately decided against cancelling because it wouldn’t be fair on fans. 

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She continued, “When they made that s*** a law, I almost didn’t want to do the show, because I wanted to punish this f*****g place for allowing that to happen here. But then, I remembered that it’s you guys that are the f*****g victims, and you deserve everything in the world.”

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The 18-year-old superstar added, “We need to tell them to shut the f*** up.”

She then raised her middle finger, shouting, “My body, my f*****g choice!”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Eilish also called out climate change deniers.

“If you don’t think global warming exists, you’re a f*****g loser,” she declared.