Michael Bublé is officially kicking off the holiday season.

In a quick video on TikTok, the Canadian crooner, 46, laughed off the memes that infiltrate the Internet every holiday season and finally sharing his reaction.

ICYMI, because of his super successful Yuletide album, Christmas, fans hilariously tease the singer about only emerging during the holidays to sing those classic tunes.

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I have an announcement.

♬ original sound – Michael Bublé

“Every time the holiday season comes around, it’s like clockwork,” Bublé says in the TikTok. “I hear the jokes, I see the memes, ‘Buble coming out of the crave’, ‘Buble is defrosting’ and ‘Christmas is near’. And do you ever wonder why someone might spend that much time in a cave?”

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“It’s because I’m f**king Batman. You a**holes,” he joked while in a Dark Knight mask. “And now you’ve probably cost me that job so I’m forced to have to sell these t-shirts.”

Bublé added, “Happy Holidays! Missed you!”

Bublé is rereleasing his version of “Let It Snow” off Christmas this year, in honour of the 10th anniversary, by recording the tune with the BBC’s Big Band Orchestra at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.