Cassandra Peterson is sharing praise for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Peterson, who has been “Elvira Mistress of the Dark” for four decades, revealed in her new memoir that she has been in a relationship with a woman named Teresa for 19 years. 

Opening up about how her LGBTQ+ fans reacted to the revelation, she told ET Canada, “They have been fantastic. They have been wonderful. I mean, I worried about them because I’ve always had a big LGBTQ fanbase and I worried that they would think I was a hypocrite and had been lying to them.”

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“I never lied about it. I lied by omission. You know, I didn’t tell anybody. But I have always tried very hard to keep my private life private because Elvira is Elvira. She’s a character. What I do in my personal life should not affect my character.”

Peterson also explained why she didn’t use a ghost writer on Yours Cruelly, Elvira

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“I just did not want to do that,” she recalled. “I really wanted to tell it in my own words, even though it may not be as well written as it would have been with a ghostwriter. I just wanted my own voice and personality to come through.”

Revealing how Teresa feels about being included in the book, Peterson added, “She’s just happy about it. She’s a little freaked out. She’s a very private person and kind of shy. She doesn’t really like being all over the media, but we were both ready to just stop living this secret.”

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“It feels really good for her. I think now at this point, she is a little freaked out about it But she is liking the fact that we can be together in public and not hide it.”