“Anne With an E” star Miranda McKeon opens up about her cancer diagnosis.

McKeon, 19, was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. The young actress spoke candidly about her experiences in a new interview.

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“I think it’s one of those movie-like moments in someone’s life,” McKeon said of her diagnosis in an interview with ABC News’ Kaylee Hartung Tuesday on “Good Morning America.” “I just didn’t feel like it was real.”

“It was explained to me that with chemotherapy treatment, there is risk of infertility down the line,” she continued. “And fertility was not something that I had ever considered.”

McKeon began chemotherapy after taking hormone injections and freezing her eggs, a “preventative safety net” for later in life. She has thus far does six rounds of chemo.

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“I am spending every other Tuesday in the clinic while my friends are at class,” she said. “I’d rather be in class. I’d rather be doing a lot of different things. But this is my job right now.”

“I think I’ve put my head down and been like, ‘You know what? We’re going to keep this on a positive track because it could go dark quickly,'” she said. “But that’s not where I need to be living, to hunker down and get through this.”