Olivia Rodrigo is team Britney Spears through-and-through as the pop star makes meaningful process on her conservatorship case.

A judge ruled last week that Jamie Spears was suspended from overseeing Britney’s conservatorship. Rodrigo is celebrating the occasion and hopes the “Toxic” singer can live a life toxic-free as the conservatorship case moves along.

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Olivia Rodrigo. Photo: Teen Vogue/Josefina Santos
Olivia Rodrigo. Photo: Teen Vogue/Josefina Santos — Photo: Teen Vogue/Josefina Santos

“I’m so excited to see her making leeway in her case,” Rodrigo tells Teen Vogue for the publication’s Oct. 2021 cover issue. “I think it’s a step in the right direction. I’m so happy that Britney’s case is getting so much attention, and I just hope that she gets all the justice she deserves and lives the best life she possibly can.”

“It’s one example of this culture that so often tears down women in the spotlight for sport. As a society we definitely have to reexamine the way we treat women in the entertainment industry, and not just for ourselves — it’s unhealthy for young girls to be looking at all that stuff in the media. It paints a bad picture.”

Rodrigo, 18, boasts 19.6 million followers between Instagram and Twitter. Despite her success on the platforms, the “good 4 u” singer says social media is anything but.

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Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo. Photo: Teen Vogue/Josefina Santos — Photo: Teen Vogue/Josefina Santos

“It’s so frustrating to see young girls held to a completely different standard than other people,” Rodrigo asserts. “Social media is making it even harder for young girls to grow up. I don’t even think it’s about me being like, ‘Oh, I’m hurt to see people say mean things about me or my friends.’”

“It’s really toxic for young girls to open their Snapchat app and see the articles about young women who are just sharing their art and existing in the world, and watching them being torn apart for doing absolutely nothing.”